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The EZ-FLO Warranty

EZ-Fertigation cc, (EZ-FLO) as seller, provides a limited warranty to customer against defects in material or workmanship of our automatic fertilizing systems (fertigation units) and other components or parts ( collectively the “Products”) manufactured or assembled by EZ-FLO. EZ-FLO does not warrant Products from damage caused by rough handling or improper installation, operation or use not in accordance with printed instructions. EZ-FLO also does not warrant any results, or lack thereof, from any fertilizers and supplements used in the fertigation units.

EZ-FLO’s warranty is limited to the purchase price paid by the Purchaser and in no way is EZ-FLO responsible for other costs. EZ-FLO also excludes for itself and its distributors and suppliers any liability, whether based in tort or in negligence, for damage to turfgrass, plants or landscape materials, for damages to buildings or other structures or for any costs due to business interruption. EZ-FLO limits its liability to repair, replacement or refund of the purchase price paid, at EZ-FLO’s sole option.

Warranty Period

EZ-FLO provides different warranty periods for different Products. The date the warranty begins based on the date of purchase by the end user.

Main-line Products and Connection Parts

Unless otherwise noted, EZ-FLO warrants all manufactured items in these Product classes for a five (5) year period from date of purchase by the end user.

Hose and Drip Products

Unless otherwise noted, EZ-FLO warrants all manufactured items in this Product class for a one (1) year period from date of purchase by the end user.

Warranty Claim Process

If your EZ-FLO Products shows alleged defects in material or workmanship, please phone us at number (021) 9063081 (Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm ). We will assess your situation with you. If it appears that the problem noted is a possible warranty claim, we will either fax or e-mail you an EZ-FLO Warranty Claim Form and provide you with a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number.

Once you receive this form, please complete the form fully and return it with the defective Product along with the dated sales receipt. The RGA number assigned to you by EZ-FLO must accompany the returned Product.

Assuming the warranty Claim Form and the dated sales receipt have been provided, EZ-FLO will contact you within three (3) business days of receipt of the claimed item with the results of our inspection and we will either replace the Product, offer a credit or provide an explanation as to why it does not qualify for replacement or credit.
*Any replacement will not be shipped or a credit processed until the defective item is returned and examined by EZ-Fertigation cc.