Water Soluable Fertilizer: EZ-GRO 23-13-10 (2 kg)

Organically balanced fertilizer combines highly concentrated plant nutrients with organic bio-stimulants and micro nutrients that is high in humic and fulvic acids, providing a complete package of biologicals and mycorrhizae, producing incredible results, superior economics and ease of application while it promotes sustainable horticultural practices.



EZ-GRO fertilizer simultaneously promotes deep greening, strong root development, vibrant colours and large blooms. The EZ-GRO blend is perfectly balanced to effectively feed the entire landscape regardless of the types of plants.
The unique nutrient package is designed to repair and detoxify soils damaged by traditional chemical fertilizer applications. Through the rebuilding of the soil structure, 
EZ-GRO promotes overall plant health .

  • Superior Economics – A Little Does A Lot

  • 4 to 5 times more effective than other fertilizers

  • Naturally reduces insects and weeds

  • Use up to 50% less water on your landscape

  • 100% Eco-Friendly formulation

  • Easy to Use – Saves Time

  • No mixing, No measuring

  • One step application

When EZ-GRO fertilizer is used with EZ-FLO applicators there is no mixing, measuring or guessing required . All you have to do is place the appropriate amount of EZ-GRO into the tank and the applicator automatically fertilizes the landscape in minutes every time you water with a hose, sprinkler, drip or an in ground irrigation system.


For use in a EZ-FLO Fertilizing System for outdoor plants, trees, shrubs and lawns use 450gm for every 333sq.mt. Refill or apply every 4 to 6 weeks. Amount can be increased depending on desired result and plant needs.

For hand application mix half a Tablespoon per 3.8 lit of water and apply by spray or watering can for outdoor plants. Apply qauter teaspoon for indoor plants every 1 to 2 weelks.