Main Line System 3.8 litre


Suitable for landscape size up to 370 sq m (100% lawn) or up to 440 sq m (75% lawn /25% beds) or up to 630 sq m (50% lawn and 50% beds).



Main-Line systems are designed to be attached to your irrigation system. They are engineered to handle static water pressure even when your irrigation system is off. When operating, the systems do not cause any measurable pressure loss.

Main-line systems come in seven sizes. The size of the tank determines the refill frequency. Larger tanks can feed larger landscapes thereby extending refill times. Conversely, if you refill more often, larger landscapes can be fed with a single system. EZ-FLO also supports nursery and grower applications with high capacity systems.

Excludes coupler: (Standard Coupler R750.00)