Installation Instruction


EZ-FLO systems are simple to install and easy to refill. There is little ongoing maintenance required since the EZ-FLO systems have no moving parts. About the only thing you will need to do is to refill the tank with a non-hazardous water soluble or liquid fertilizer on a periodic basis. It’s that EZ! Generally we recommend a qualified contractor to install main-line units (to make sure that all backflow requirements are met) while the hose and drip units can be installed by homeowners.
All fertigation units require back flow protection to ensure we protect our municipal and potable water. FOLLOW LOCAL CODES!

Determining the Connection Point

EZ-FLO main-line systems are designed to feed the entire landscape but are not limited to that purpose. A system can be installed before multiple zone valves or after a single zone valve. Installation only takes minutes for someone familiar with irrigation systems. Because of EZ-FLO’s patented flow design – the system automatically adjusts to pressure and water flow, enabling a single EZ-FLO fertigation system to feed drip as well as spray zones without having to change out any nozzles or make any modification to the tank or the irrigation system.

Below is a simple schematic of a “before the valve” main line installation. Note that the connection point (EZ Coupling Connection) is before all valves so that when any zone turns on, it will proportion fertilizer with water prior to going to any zone after the connection. Note only main-line systems should be connected before the valve since anything before the valve is under constant (Static) water pressure.

In some larger landscapes, there may be a desire to isolate one or two zones away from the rest of the system as shown in the illustration below. This could be the case where an irrigation system feeds an entire park but the municipality only wants to fertilize the baseball, soccer or football fields. In other cases, a flower bed is isolated from the rest of the turf so only the flower bed is fed. Here is an example of how this is done in an “after the valve” installation. Also note that a Hose and Drip unit may also be attached after the valve.

Hose and Drip Systems are not meant to be connected to a system where the unit is under constant (Static) pressure. All pressure must be relieved from a Hose and Drip System when it is not in use!

Connection Options

There are four coupling types to connect an EZ-FLO main-line unit to an irrigation system.

  • Standard Slip Coupling (the most commonly used)

  • Retrofit Coupling Threaded Coupling

  • Ball Valve Coupling.

  • Couplings are the recommended connection option.

However a drill and tap option can used for installations on 1/2 or 3/4 inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. Drill and tap connections on piping 1″ and larger significantly increases the risk that the system will not proportion upon starting.
Note: Improper installation may cause the unit not to pull fertilizer from the tank. This is NOT a warranty issue.

Final Reminders

A couple of points to keep in mind:

  • The proportioning cap of the unit MUST ALWAYS be above the level of the connection point in order to “pull” fertilizer properly from the tank of the fertigation system.

  • If you have zone valves above the connection point of the EZ-FLO unit, you need to install our Ball Valve Coupling (CBV) to compensate for the back pressure caused by the weight of the water. Ball Valve Couplings can be adjusted to increase the amount of differential pressure allowing the unit to “pull” in this particular situation. Once adjusted for the worse case scenario of the irrigation system, the setting on the ball valve will not have to be touched again.