About Fertigation

Easy Installation

Anyone can do it.

No Maintenance

No moving parts, will never block.

No Hassles

Only refill every 6 weeks.

No Wiring

No electricity needed.

Patented Tech

EZ-Flo has a proven track record.

Any Size

Units for all garden sizes.

Environmentally Responsible

Safe and economical.

Reduce Costs

Reduction in water and fertilizer costs.

Saves Time

Reduced labour costs.

Organic Fertilizer

All natural and organic fertilizer.

A Brief Read About EZ-Flo & Fertigation

The combination of fertilizing while irrigating (known as ‘fertigation’) provides plants and lawn with essential nutrients through their leaves and roots. Since most fertilizer gets directly into plants…the run-off of fertilizer is virtually eliminated. EZ-Flo offers a range of natural and organicĀ  fertilizers, pest and insect control and supplements for those interested in evironmentally sound solutions.

In addition, EZ-Flo saves water since all plants develop more efficient and effective root structures when fed this way. The combination of reduced water usage and less fertilizer runoff while using non-hazardous products means that EZ-Flo customers Fertilize Responsibly.

EZ Fertigation are certified suppliers of EZ-FLO fertigation products and equipment. We also have many years in fertigation installation. We look forward to being of service to lovers of lawn, gardeners and horticulturalists.