Hose Bib System 5 litre


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Excellent for hand use - ideal for feeding smaller patio type gardens and potplants that are watered by hand. Perfect garden mate for applying Worm Tea, Liquid compost or other specific feeding or supplements for both small or large gardens.

This system connects directly to the hose bib for use with garden hose sprayer/sprinkler or drip watering system. It can also be installed on one zone of an in-ground irrigation system, after the zone valve, to feed through sprinklers or drip emitters. The system should not be used under constant pressure. It must be installed on the downstream side of the hose bib or zone valve and have no contained pressure when the system is not in use. EZ-FLO's patented flow process automatically adjusts to changes in pressure and flow without changing fittings. This system is designed for the delivery of liquid or water soluble products that are designated as organic or non-hazardous. No pre-mixing required.
  • Tank Capacity: Liquid 5. liters up to 3.63 kg. Water soluble.
  • Unit Dimensions: 18cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 30.5m (H)
  • Adjustable Feed Ratio Range:1,000:1/Slow setting to 100:1/Fast setting
  • Operating Pressure: not to exceed 80 Psi (5.5 bars)
Liters of water to empty tank based on feed ratio settings
Slow (1000:1)1 (500:1)2 (250:1)Fast (100:1)
5,046 2,5751,126500

  • Model: EZ-2013-HB
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5kg