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Suitable for garden size up to 557 sq m (100% Lawn) or up to 700 sq m (75% Lawn /25% beds) or up to 930 sq m (50% Lawn and 50% beds).
This assumes a refill frequency of 4-6 weeks and watering every other day. Lawn requires more water and therefore increases fill frequency. This unit will service larger areas if filled more frequently.
There are 4 handy feed ratio control settings on the cap [What's this?] so that you can easily manage (for special circumstances) the amount of fertilizer being dispensed at any given time. For instance if you have a newly planted garden you can increase the flow rate so as to eliminate transplant shock.
This system connects directly to the main line irrigation system after the back flow prevention device and the tank is designed for use under constant pressure. EZ-FLO's patented flow process automatically adjusts to changes in water pressure and water flow without changing fittings. This product is designed to feed both underground sprinkler and drip irrigation zones for commercial, municipal, residential and grower applications. This system is designed for the delivery of products that are designated as non-hazardous. Static pressure is not to exceed 100PSI (6.9bars)

  • Tank Capacity: Liquid 5.7 liters up to 5.4 kg. Water soluble.
  • Unit Dimensions: 33cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 28cm (H)
  • Valve Box Dimensions: 38cm(l) x 33 (W ) x 41 (H)
  • Adjustable Feed Ratio Range:15,000:1/Slow setting to 400:1/Fast setting
  • Includes: Tubing, Installation - Operation guide and Adjustable cap [What's this?], 2 Shutoff valves
  • Includes: Pressure Relief Valve - RATED150 psi (10bars)
  • Excludes:Bypass coupler, Non return valve [What's this?], Fertilizer [More info...], Valve box

Liters of water to empty tank based on feed ratio settings

Coverage - 4 to 6 Week Refill Cycle
Lawn 100% - Other 0%Lawn 75% - Other 25%Lawn 50% - Other 50%
Up to 1,557 sq mUp to 700 sq mUp to 930 sq m

  • Model: EZ-001-CX
  • Shipping Weight: 3.6kg