EZ-FLO eliminates costly down time and maintenance costs. Because there are no moving parts, mechanical seals, pumps, controllers or electrical components, our systems last for years with little or no maintenance. 5-Year Warranty.

Easy to Use.

No Premixing Required - Just fill the tank with fully concentrated liquid or water soluble product and adjust it to the desired feed rate. The EZ-FLO system mixes the concentrate automatically, so you don't have to.

Accurate Proportioning.

EZ-FLO's patented flow process continually blends all elements of the fertilizer formula creating even consistency throughout the delivery process. Our systems automatically adjust to changes in flow and pressure. Other commercial injectors require blending tanks to ensure that all elements are delivered consistently. Without agitation, these elements typically separate within the solution and are delivered inconsistently, even though they are fully liquified and suspended in solution.


EZ-FLO can have a lower capital cost as compared to other commercial injection equipment. There is no need for large storage tanks, blending tanks and ancillary equipment housing. The system's ease of operation, elimination of downtime and maintenance, add to daily operating efficiencies and your bottom line. EZ-FLO may also drive down fertilizer costs. Because we can use fully concentrated liquids or water soluble products, cost savings can be achieved by using concentrates to replace more costly "pre-diluted" products. The compact tank and quick connect design makes it easy to move the system between multiple sites. Our systems fit easily into the back of a "Gator" type vehicle or on a cart for portability.