Parks and Municipalities

Public Spaces.

The public has an increasing focus on quality of life. As a result we are seeking more recreation fields for soccer, baseball and other sports and pleasurable settings to gather for leisure activities. This high usage demand adds to the maintenance burden by increasing stress to these spaces and limits the time windows maintenance crews can access the area. EZ-FLO dispensers help solve these problems by providing plant nutrition automatically, every time the area is watered. Fertilizer dispensed through an irrigation system builds a stronger, healthier landscape with little attention from maintenance personnel.

Strech Your Budget!

Implementing EZ-FLO into your maintenance program frees up time and money that can be reallocated to other areas. With EZ-FLO, fertilization labor is virtually eliminated. One employee can fertilize a 20 acre park in 10 to 15 minutes. Manual applications of insecticides and toxic pest controls can also be eliminated. An EZ-FLO system can dispense all non-hazardous products automatically. The systems are easy to operate and require no maintenance. Water savings typically range from 20% to 50% and fertilizer usage reductions range from 40% to 90%, which can result in substantial budget savings.

Superior Results.

EZ-FLO feeds all landscape plants and turf more effectively than conventional methods. EZ-FLO delivers non-hazardous nutrients in small, "micro-doses" every time you water. This optimizes nutrient absorption which improves the plant's root mass, making it stronger and better able to utilize available water. Your community can have beautiful spaces that the public will love.

Environmentally Responsible - Reduced Liability.

The EZ-FLO System helps improve the environment while it makes public properties safer. It delivers nutrients in minute amounts that can be within the Federal Government's standards for clean drinking water. This method of delivery virtually eliminates fertilizer runoff and leaching because the nutrients are absorbed by the plant as they are applied. It also virtually eliminates any public exposure to chemicals. Healthier plants are more disease and insect resistant so the need for toxic herbicides and pesticides can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Sections of your properties no longer have to be closed for fertilizing and the space is immediately available for use.