Doing More with Less.

It's a constant battle - getting the most out of maintenance and capital budgets. If you fertilize your fields and grounds, EZ-FLO can help you win the fight. By making a small capital investment in EZ-FLO you can redeploy ground's personnel time into other priority activities. For maintenance departments, it's like getting an additional budget allocation.

Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs.

Time savings of 80% to 90% as compared to applying granular fertilizers. The high coverage capacity and refill ease of EZ-FLO systems enable one employee to fertilize all the playing fields and school grounds in 10 to 15 minutes a month. Non-hazardous insect controls, safe and organicĀ mole controls and a variety of soil amendments can also be applied, with additional labor. The system is easy to operate and because it has no moving parts, it requires no maintenance. It is typical to see water savings of 20% to 50% and fertilizer usage reductions of 40% to 90%, saving additional money on the district's water bill. With a typical 6 to 12 month payback, you will see reductions in operating costs and years of maintenance free savings.

Superior Results - Reduced Liability.

Athletic fields take a beating! It is difficult to maintain fields using traditional fertilization methods, because they are used heavily. Often times fields must be taken out of service when using granular fertilizers. Since EZ-FLO delivers nonhazardous nutrients in small "micro-doses" every time you water, the field can be used directly after fertilizer application. This feeding method allows for immediate nutrient absorption and virtually eliminates children's exposure to dangerous landscape chemicals. Better looking fields and grounds with less risk to children; a win/win proposition for everyone.

Environmentally Resposible.

The EZ-FLO System delivers nutrients in minute amounts that can be within the Federal Government's standards for clean drinking water. By applying the nutrients in small "microdoses", nutrients are efficiently absorbed by the landscape, thereby eliminating fertilizer runoff and leaching into the water table. The EZ-FLO application method also improves plant root development which ensures a healthier landscape, thereby reducing the need for toxic herbicides and pesticides.