Landscape Architects and Designers

Protect your Client's Investment.

When you include EZ-FLO in your commercial irrigation design, you safeguard your client's investment by virtually eliminating transplant shock. Plants are fed in "microdoses" from the moment the irrigation system is activated which increases their root development and overall health. Young landscapes mature 3 to 5 times faster than with conventional fertilization methods so smaller, less expensive plants can be used in the initial planting. Once the landscape matures, you can reduce the feed rate.

Flexible - Durable Simple Implementation.

EZ-FLO fits easily into any landscape irrigation design. The simplicity and compact size enable installation in a standard valve box, eliminating expensive, obtrusive enclosures, electrical connections and electronic flow monitoring equipment. Because of its ease of operation, virtually no training is required for implementation. Since there are no moving parts, mechanical or electronic components, the systems will operate for years with little or no maintenance.

At Work Around the World.

You can't always see EZ-FLO, but we are there. EZ-FLO is being used in almost every type of public and private landscape and nursery application. Our systems are becoming the standard for many municipalities, school districts, developers, builders and growers, for their current impact and for the future. As the world learns to use water more wisely and to practice self sustaining horticultural techniques, EZ-FLO's technology becomes a vital tool in the implementation of these practices.