Commercial Properties

When a Quality Image Counts.

Companies invest heavily to present a quality image. EZFLO supports your quality image by ensuring that the entire landscape is healthy and a cut above the ordinary!
By gently feeding the lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs, every time you water, EZ-FLO delivers a superior looking landscape. System sizes available for malls, office complexes, hotels, resorts and retail establishments.

Quick Payback.

The decision to install EZ FLO is simple. The small capital investment is typically recaptured within the first year of use but the landscape maintenance savings continue for years. Water savings of 20% to 50% due to improved root structure from "micro-dose" feeding. Also, applications of non-hazardous insect control, mole control and a variety of other specialized products can be delivered through the irrigation system, eliminating the labor cost of separate manual applications.

Environmental Stewardship.

Businesses are looking for methods to reduce environmental risks for their employees and customers. EZ-FLO delivers non-hazardous products in minute amounts that are so low that they can fall within the Government's standards for clean drinking water.
By applying the nutrients in "micro-doses", they are absorbed by the plant, virtually eliminating fertilizer runoff and leaching. Because this method improves root development water usage can be reduced by 20% to 50% as well as virtually eliminating the need for herbicides and pesticides.

All EZ-FLO products are non-hazardous, natural or organic.

EZ-FLO reduces liability by eliminating exposure to toxic chemicals in the landscape.