Nothing compares to the results you will enjoy with the EZ-FLO System.

Having an EZ-FLO system is like having a full-time gardener fertilizing your property every time you water, carefully feeding the entire landscape, caring for the soil and all the plant life.
EZ-FLO feeds gently, in small "micro-doses", with each watering, giving the plants a healthier root system that makes them stronger, more drought-tolerant and less susceptible to insects and disease.
Young landscapes mature more quickly and transplant shock is virtually eliminated.

EZ-FLO is a responsible way to fertilize and control pest and insects.

The EZ-FLO system eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals. EZ-FLO fertilizers are non-hazardous and the system allows you to apply them in trace amounts that are within the Government's standards for clean drinking water.

By applying the fertilizer in small "micro-doses", the fertilizer is absorbed by the plant which then eliminates harmful fertilizer runoff or leaching. EZ-FLO systems are a "Water Smart Technology". You will typically use 20% to 50% less water due to the plant's improved root mass and ability to utilize the available water.

You will also reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides because healthy plants are less susceptible to insect and disease activity. Fertilizer usage can also be reduced by 70% to 90% due to the plant's efficient nutrient absorption

EZ-FLO's simplicity makes fertigation practical for residential landscapes.

EZ-FLO has eliminated the complexities and expense that have made fertigation an impractical option for residential landscape applications. With an EZ-FLO system, you simply pour in the fertilizer concentrate every 4 to 6 weeks and the rest is automatic. The systems have no moving parts, no electrical connections & and requires no programming or ongoing maintenance.

EZ-FLO delivers trouble-free service for years.