Benefits of EZ-FLO Fertigation

About EZ-FLO

EZ-FLO is a world leader in automatic fertilizer dispensing systems for commercial, school, municipal and residential landscapes.
Using patented fluid-flow technologies, our equipment precisely delivers non-hazardous, watersoluble or liquid fertilizers, supplements and controls through a hose, in-ground sprinkler or drip system automatically - effectively delivering a total landscape solution.
Having no moving parts, EZFLO systems are dependable and reliable, and they install very easily, requiring no maintenance.


The combination of fertilizing while irrigating (called fertigation) provides plants with essential nutrients through both the plant's leaves as well as roots.
Since most of the fertilizer gets directly into the plants, fertilizer run-off is virtually eliminated. EZ-FLO offers a line of natural and organic fertilizers, pest and insect controls, and supplements for customers interested in environmentally sound solutions.
In addition, EZ-FLO saves water since all plants develop more efficient and effective root structures when fed this way. The combination of reduced water usage and less fertilizer runoff while using non-hazardous products means that EZ-FLO customers Fertilize Responsibly.

  • Easy Installation - anyone can do it!
  • No Maintenance - no moving parts, will never block.
  • No Hassles - refill only every 6 weeks.
  • No wiring - does not use electricity.
  • Patented technology -¬†proven track record.
  • Cater for all size gardens - units available in various sizes.
  • Environmentally responsible -¬†safe and economical
  • Reduced water and fertilizer costs.
  • Time saving - reduced labour costs
  • All natural and organic fertilizers.