You have many choices when you use EZ-FLO to dispense fertilizer. The key to doing it correctly lies in the way fertilizer is "micro-dosed" which allows you to fertilize every time you water for maximum plant health and no risk of plant damage due to over-fertilizing.

Since all our non-hazardous fertilizers are applied in micro-doses (ratio of water to product from 400 to 1 down to 15,000 to 1), they can be applied confidently to landscapes where children and pets are active. A 400 to 1 ratio is the equivalent of 2 teaspoons per 4 litres of water put down while the 15,000 to 1 ratio is equivalent to only 1/20 of a teaspoon to 4 litres of water. That's what we mean when we say we "micro-dose". Even a small amount of fertilizer works if its dispensed every time you water.